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Sri Lanka’s biggest ever music collection from the 60s and 70s. You can listen to any old Sinhala classical songs from our web site. The classical era of Sri Lankan music dates back to 1950 – 1990. All these songs are available on our website. You can listen to MP3 versions of old classical music of Sri Lanka. Find your favourite songs again. We provide you all these songs from one platform free of charge. Ranging the music from the time of Gramophone music done by Sunil Shantha. Featuring the songs of the great Pandith Amaradeva, Premasiri Kemadasa, H R Jothipala and Sri Lanka’s Premier singer Latha Walpola ranging to Baila songs of Desmond Kelly, Annesly Malewana, The Gypsies, and the great legend Clarence Wijewardena. You can listen to all these songs while on the road, in the office, or in the gym or at home when you relax. You can use your mobile phone to listen to the songs, or you can live stream the songs online where we give a feature to hold online sessions. You can listen to all these songs from any part of the world. Whether you live in Arctic, Antarctic, US, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe or if you live in the beautiful Caribbean Islands. Subscribe us to get our daily information and latest classical songs we published.